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Home Buying Tips & Checklist

Home buying is not just an investment, but a fantastic life milestone that should be celebrated. But it’s easy to convince yourself that you’re ready for the home buying process long before you are. Many people need tips for buying a house, which is why we’ve created the following home buying checklist. Like all decisions that will have a long term impact, it’s important to think about all aspects of buying a home before you jump into the real estate market.

  • Don’t plan your fees down to the dollar. There are many additional closing and insurance costs that happen after the initial house purchase that can leave you cash poor without proper planning.
  • Keep your timeline open. Restricting yourself can lead to purchasing a house you’re not happy with, or overlooking important purchasing steps.
  • Location, location, location! Keep in mind locations that need to be kept within a reasonable distance of your new home, such as your workplace, schools or other amenities.
  • Consider the other people your move will affect. From friend’s who will help you move, to colleagues who rely on you at work, your move can affect many people who won’t be living with you.
  • Consider major events that could impact your home buying process. This could be a vacation taking away from time spent on looking at properties and signing paperwork, or a pregnancy that puts a time restriction on the overall process.
  • Make a long term plan. Buying a house is a long term decision, so be aware of your future goals and plans, and how your permanent residence could affect them.
  • Get a lawyer. They’ll be needed to review documentation, explain processes, and sign legal documents alongside you.
  • Get a realtor. There is no person more essential to the house buying process than a realtor. They’ll not only help you find you your perfect house, but they will also explain the home buying process and tell you what you should be looking for.

For more home buying tips and information on how to get started on your real estate journey, contact Mary Roy and Team today!

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