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Spring Check Up

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Blog by Mary Roy | March 26th, 2013

Spring check up tips for your house!
Spring House

It’s time for planning gardens and cleaning the house as you prepare for the arrival of spring here in Ontario. This is a great time of year to inspect the home for little repairs and other items that should be tended to. Use this checklist provided by Top Durham real estate agent Mary Roy Team to ensure that your property in Durham region Ontario is ready for the changing season and weather.

1.  The Search for Mold

As you clean the home, look for signs of mold. It usually won’t grow in a well-lit, obvious area, but you may find some in the basement when you move boxes away from walls. If you find small areas of mold, you can handle the removal yourself by cleaning the area with diluted bleach and then drying it completely. Extensive areas of mold that are growing into sheetrock and other surfaces should be handled by the professionals. Bill Walls (905.665.158) is one of our highly recommended basement experts in Durham Region who specializes on waterproofing system, mold, moisture and leakage protection. Once the mold is eliminated, it’s vital to find the source. A leaking wall in the basement or high humidity levels in the house are two common culprits. Correct the problems to prevent the mold from returning and protect your family. When looking for mold, be sure to look behind shelves, in corners of the basement, crawlspace and up in the attic.

2. Clean the Gutters
Gutters should be cleaned twice a year to ensure that water is flowing smoothly through the system. This is also the best time to look at downspouts and make sure water is moving at least five feet away from basement walls. Inspect the fascia and soffit to be sure they are intact and make repairs as necessary. Look at the Roof From the ground, take a look at the lines of your roof. There should not be any sagging areas. While on the ladder to clean the gutters, take a closer look at your shingles. If you have shingles that are curling, buckling or breaking, then you should call in a roofing company to handle repairs or a full replacement. Walk along the foundation of your home and look for broken pieces of shingle or granules that are falling off the roof. These are both warning signs of problems and indicate that your roof needs repair.

3.Treat the Air Conditioner
This is the perfect time to have your air conditioner tuned up. A professional service team will clean the compressor, tighten connections and lubricate fans. The coolant level will be checked to ensure that the system works. If repairs are needed, you can have them completed before the hot weather rolls into the area.

4. Seal the Deck
If you’re dreaming of barbecues and relaxing on the patio, then you want to make sure the deck is in top condition. This is the best time to seal the deck because the weather is cooler. If there are rotted, warped or splintered boards, replace them now to protect bare feet later.

5. Test the Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, it should be tested occasionally to ensure it’s working. If you haven’t heard it click on in a while, then take the time to test it before the snow starts thawing and the spring rains arrive. Pour a large bucket water into the pump basin to make sure the pump turns on properly and starts moving the water out of the well.

6. Check Your Home Owner’s Insurance Call your home insurance company to review coverage levels. If you have made any upgrades, you should inform the company of the changes. This includes replacing carpet with hardwood, regular windows with expensive bay windows and an un-insulated garage door with a high-quality insulated garage door. Find out if your basement is protected against floods and what kind of protection you have if your sump pump fails. Upgrading the coverage and investing in important riders can provide you with the coverage and peace of mind you need. While you are calling your insurance company, make sure you have your home and car insured by same company to get further discount.
As you go clean your home for spring, take care of these items to protect the structure keep your home in top condition. Talk to your insurance company to be sure you have the right coverage, and inform them of any upgrades you have made. Adding these tasks to your spring cleaning list will ensure that your home is ready for the spring and all the seasons to come.

Jessica Li