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How to Choose the Best Homes for Sale in Durham Region

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Blog by Mary Roy | October 19th, 2015

Durham_Region_R_Hwy_12_Ends_RR_28_Whitby.jpgWhen you browse the homes for sale in Durham region neighborhoods, you aren't simply looking for a piece of real estate. You are searching for a place that you and your family can settle in for years down the road. But with so many homes for sale in Durham region that happen to fit into your budget, how do you choose? Consider the following variables below, and allow them to help guide your house hunting.

1. Narrow by Neighborhoods

If you only look at the house while home shopping, then you are making a big mistake. The perfect house in an unideal neighborhood is not what most shoppers are after, unless the area is gentrifying. There are many important factors to consider when choosing a house, but location is the most important. Considering the pros and cons of Durham region cities and towns will help your house hunt move much faster. For example, if you want a home near the water, then a coastal city like Oshawa or Pickering would be a better choice than inland cities like Uxbridge and Sunderland. If you work in the city, then the commute should also be a major concern, because Durham region is a large area. Newcastle, for example, is a full hour and a half from Toronto, whereas you can get from Pickering to Toronto in as little as 30 minutes.

2. Decide on Room Count

Adding or removing a bedroom to a property can significantly alter the property value, as regardless of other factors, residents will need bedrooms. Adding in multiple additional rooms for offices, play areas, guest rooms, and so on can quickly break the budget. Decide on how many rooms you fundamentally need, and any more after that number are just a bonus. Additionally, look beyond the bedroom count on the house information sheet when searching for a house, as not every room you think is a bedroom technically is considered one. Rooms without closets, large windows, or adequate floor space are sometimes considered dens or bonus rooms instead of bedrooms. If you only need this space for an office, this may be the perfect way to find one.

3. Decide on A Square Footage Minimum

Though room count may be the first concern you have when trying to find a property, the square footage of the house should also be a serious consideration. A house with four bedrooms could have less space than a house with two bedrooms, depending on how the designer used the space. You may need to visit a few properties before you feel comfortable picking out an appropriate amount of square feet, but it is important to consider.

4. List Your Deal Breakers

Remember that your deal breakers should be front and center when considering all potential properties. If you can’t stand the thought of having to knock down walls or rip our cabinets to make your house move in ready, make sure you’re looking for a turnkey property. If you refuse to buy a house that isn’t brand new, or has very small isolated rooms, remember to add these too. Given the wide variety of homes for sale in Durham region, knowing what you absolutely must avoid is important for any house hunt.  The top of this list should be price, as an overpriced home will definitely be the first one taken off the list.

Your perfect Durham region home is awaiting you

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