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Easy Repairs for Adding Value to Your Home

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Blog by Mary Roy | November 16th, 2015

easy home repairs.jpgWhen selling your house, adding value to your home can be easy with a few simple changes.  One of the easiest ways for adding value to your home is by making simple home repairs and upgrades. Here is a brief list of repairs that will not only increase the property’s value, but that are simple and cost efficient.    

Painting and Touch Ups

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value is to paint the interior. A fresh coat of paint makes a home look vibrant, well maintained and modern. You can also use paint to increase the overall look of a home by getting rid of old faded paint, out of place colors, and rooms that do not match. Notably, most home buyers find natural colors to be the most favorable.  

Keep the Yard Well Maintained

A bad lawn can cost you a lot in terms of home value and overall appeal to potential buyers. Overgrown lawns, patchy lawns, or lawns that were simply not well maintained need to be properly tended to. Depending on the state of your lawn a simple mowing may be all that is needed. More advanced cases may require seeding or sodding to fully repair the lawn. Affordable professional services are also an option that are well worth the investment.

Increase Curb Appeal with Plant Life

One way of adding value to your home is with a few potted plants and some shrubs. A few plants around your front door and property immediately increase its overall value and appeal. When buying plants, the key things to keep in mind are adding plants that fit the environment you live in and plants that are low maintenance but still appealing.

Simple Kitchen Updates

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. A few simple upgrades can really increase the impact it makes to buyers, and encourage more offers. Replacing the faucet set with a new more efficient model immediately increases your home’s value, saves money on water bills, and catches the eye of potential buyers. You can also replace the lighting with energy efficient designs for similar reasons. Finally, you can replace cabinet handles and improve of the overall visual impact your kitchen has.   

Staging the Home

Staging a home isn’t so much a repair job as it is reorganizing a home. A messy living room, kitchen or bathroom can be off-putting, and you want to show off the quality of each of these rooms. For the living room, group furniture together, make sure the lighting is adequate, add floating shelves to show decorating versatility and make sure the floors are well maintained and clean. Make sure the kitchen is neat, orderly, full of light, and you may want to add a floral or fruit display. Bathrooms above all should be clean and bright. Clean everything thoroughly, replace the lightbulbs, old towels and rugs, chipped or old tiling, and consider using candles, scented soap, or suitable plants to add color and life to the room.       

When looking to add value to your home you don’t have to spend a great deal of money or devote yourself to long drawn out projects. As the above examples show with simple maintenance, repair, and upgrades you can increase the value of your home. When buying or selling a home you want to work with experts. At Mary Roy and Team you can rest assured you'll get the professional guidance you need no matter what your real estate needs may be, contact us today!