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Century Homes For Sale

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Blog by Mary Roy | May 28th, 2013

Selling a century home has a different approach than selling any other home. 

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Making the home appeal to the majority of home buyers will not work in this case as 'period' home buyers are looking for historically decorated interiors with charcter and architectural details not found in your typical home.  As a previous owner and long time lover of century homes we know what it takes to get the job done.  Below are some decorating tips to help enhance your homes beauty and character & when it come`s time to sell make sure to give us a call.



Tip #1: Choose Classic Wall Colours


Choose colours from a period inspired colour palette but use fresher, cleaner historic options such as robin's egg blue or chartreuse instead of the powder blues and 'puky' greens originally used.


Tip #2: Clear Out The Clutter


Historic homeowners tend to be collectors and don't always see all the 'stuff' they have as clutter but rather 'ambience'.  Clear out the clutter and create a symetry to emphasize the great 'bones' of your home.


Tip #3: Emphasize The Architecture


Put the focus on the architecture by toning down the busy patterns and ornate decor.  Use colour effictively to highlight features such as crown moulding and coffered ceilings. Using lighting to highlight special features such as built in book shelves and stone facades.


Tip #4: Maintain A Functional Kitchen


Even the most charming period kitchens need to be appealing and functional.  Make sure your kitchen offers plenty of storage space and offers up-to-date appliances.


Tip #5: Exaggerate Your Space


A period home does not come close to offering the space that newer homes do.  Make the most of the space you do have by mixing painted finishes with dark wood finishes to extend the impression of space.


Tip #6: Keep Window Treatments Simple


Remove fancy window sheers and heavy draperies from your period home.  Taking down the festoons, jabots and swags will reveal the beauty of the woodwork and make the room appear larger by letting in more light.


Putting a period home on the market requires a specific attention to detail in order to preserve its historical value.  So when the time comes to let go of your timeless treasure give us a call and we will show you and your home the love and respect it deserves.