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Blog by Mary Roy

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Open House Tips to Get Your House Sold Fast!

4365105_s.jpgHolding an open house is a great way to sell your house, but only if people come and see it at its very best. There are two stages to the open house process; first, you need to let as many people as possible know that you are holding an open house. Second, you need to make sure that the people who do attend are wowed by the property. These open house tips will help you to plan a perfect open house, and get your house sold fast. 

Utilize Social Media

Social media can be used to grasp an audience that would otherwise be beyond your reach. Advertise your open house on your social media feed and encourage your friends to share the information. If there are house buying or selling groups on your social network, add the post to their pages as well. Don’t forget to make the most of your realtor’s social media contacts and get them to place the information on their feeds as well.

Paper has Power

Don’t forget about your local paper when deciding where to advertise your open house. This open house tip will help you to reach those that don’t use social media and need to be reached in other ways. If you're in a neighborhood where paper flyers are dropped off, remember that these come with a small paper attached that you can advertise in. 

Watch Your Wording

Whether you are considering utilizing online adverts, paper ads or both, your wording has to be right. Be truthful, but take any negatives that may exist and turn them into positives. A property that is a little outdated and in need of some renovations can be described as a dream property for a DIY enthusiast. The key is to spark the reader’s interest and make them want to visit the home for themselves and take a real look around. If you are unsure of how to word the social media post or other advertisement then draw on your realtor’s experience; you could even get them to write the advert for you.


Once you have ensured that you have advertisements out, you need to encourage potential buyers to look at the house and not simply drive past it. Start by ensuring that your home has curb appeal. Simple things like cutting the grass, and even offering to help your neighbors with their gardens can make a huge difference in the way first impressions are made about your house. On the inside of the home, every room should be spotless and clutter free. Though you may not see your knick knacks as clutter, a prospective buyer may be unable to look past them and notice the size of rooms. Hiring a house stager to reorganize your house for selling is one of the best options; they will have tips and tricks you would never have thought of.

Provide a Warm Welcome

Everything from answering the door with a smile to answering questions can make a difference to how your home is perceived. To make sure your house has a homely feel, make sure you have candles burning or scent infusers turned on. Positive smells are important to how people feel, and having a welcoming scent running throughout the home will help the buyers experience. 

By following these simple open house tips, you can make sure that your house sells in no time at all! For more information on how to run a successful open house, and to start finding your next perfect property, contact us at Mary Roy and Team today! 



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